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Our kegs come in the below common sizes.
Beer Kegs
Updated Saturday, May 19th.  Price and availability subject to change.  Call for most up to date pricing and selection



Do you sell kegs and how much is the deposit?

Yes. There is a $30 deposit on all kegs. Contact us for up to date availability.

Can I return an empty keg that I purchased from another distributor?

We can only accept empty kegs that we can return to another distributor.


How much is a tap and/or tub deposit and how long can I keep the tap/tub?

There is a $45 deposit for a tap. Upon return of the tap, you will receive $41. We charge a $4 rental fee. There is a $20 deposit for a tub. Upon return of the tub, you will receive $18. We charge a $2 rental fee. There is no time limit to return a tap, tub, or keg as long as you still have the receipt given to you at the time of your purchase.


Can I reserve a keg over the phone?

No. You must come to the store.


Do you deliver?

Only to taverns, bottle shops, and distributors. We do not deliver to residential customers.

Can I return a case or keg?

We cannot accept returns on a product unless there is something wrong with the product.


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